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This leads me to my question. Should the person who reviews the English dub be someone who has or hasn't seen the Japanese dub? I think hasn't, because, for example, last week you talked about Redline's dub being horrible and in effect ruining or doing injustice to the movie (I am paraphrasing here), whereas I watched the English dub and thought it was great, and that's probably because I didn't watch the Japanese version first. Also, I recall reading a similar opinion in the review on here about the movie when it came out (the dub being so bad compared to the sub), and at the time thought the same thing: you shouldn't be comparing the two things. Some people watch only subs, some only dubs, and some both. I don't see how comparing makes sense in terms of reviewing, and those who have watched the Japanese version first almost always will therefore be biased to that (and in a lot of cases, vice versa). This isn't about which is better, it's just about a review, so a sub should be reviewed on its own merits just like a dub should. Sorry this has turned slightly into a rant, but I am curious as to your thoughts on the matter. I mean, had you not seen Redline in Japanese first, do you think it is possible you would have liked the movie more when you watched it in English?

Hindi Movie Total Recall Mp3 Songs Download

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