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The Episode 1.10 Italian Dubbed Free Download

La 2 aired the show in early 90's airing both Catalan and Spanish for Catalonia audience, when Antena 3 bought the rights for the show it also aired some episodes in both Catalan and Spanish for a brief period (within 1995) in Catalonia, then they dubbed four seasons.[citation needed]

the Episode 1.10 italian dubbed free download

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The episodes are dubbed by a team of voice actors, similar to the one that does the original. The team does about two episodes per day. In general these voice actors also do the characters who were voiced by celebrities in the American version. In the French version, on occasion, official dubbers are brought in. For instance, in the episode "The Springfield Files", where agents Mulder and Scully from The X-Files appear the voice actors who do their voices on the French version of the X-Files guest starred.

Die Simpsons is broadcast on ProSieben in Germany and on ORF1 in Austria. Until 1994, ZDF broadcast The Simpsons in Germany. The main voices are dubbed by Norbert Gastell for Homer until season 26. After he died in 2015, Christoph Jablonka replaced him from season 27. Marge was dubbed by Elisabeth Volkmann. She died in 2006, Anke Engelke became her successor. The change of the voices took place in the midst of season 17, when Volkmann's last dubbed episode was "We're on the Road to D'ohwhere" and Engelke's first dubbed episode was My Fair Laddy. Whilst Elisabeth Volkmann's voice is not so close, Engelke's voice is rather "adapted" to the original voice. Bart is dubbed by Sandra Schwittau and Lisa by Sabine Bohlmann, who also dubs Maggie. One major difference is that Homer's "D'oh!" is yelled as a fierce NEIN! ("NO!"). Whenever Homer strangles Bart, he says Na warte, du Kleiner ... ("Wait you little ...") or Du mieser Kleiner ... ("You mean little ...").

In November 2012, Liù Bosisio and Ilaria Stagni, were replaced by Sonia Scotti (Marge), and Gaia Bolognesi (Bart). Like the French and Spanish version, real and fictional characters conserve their frequent Italian voice, for example in the episode "Any Given Sundance", Woody Allen (voiced by Hank Azaria), was dubbed by his Italian voice Oreste Lionello who did the last dub of his career, in fact he died a week after the Italian airing. Many characters are voiced by guest stars, like ex-minister Ignazio La Russa who voiced Garth, the sugar industries manager, politician Alessandra Mussolini as Marge's friend Tammy, football player Francesco Totti and his wife, showgirl Ilary Blasi as Buck Mitchell and Tabitha Vixx, showgirl Valeria Marini as Mindy Simmons, Maria Grazia Cucinotta as in the original version is Francesca, sideshow Bob's wife. On July 14, 2013, Tonino Accolla, the voice for Homer Simpson, died and was replaced by Massimo Lopez. In Italian, many other catch phrases are also translated: Bart's "Eat my shorts" becomes "Ciucciati il calzino" ("Suck the sock"). When Homer tries to throttle Bart, his phrase "Why you little..." becomes "Brutto bagarospo..." ("You ugly cockroach-frog...").

Revilla also dubbed the appearance of KITT in the episode "The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace", like he did in Knight Rider. There are other characters that conserve their frequent voice in Spain: like Mulder and Scully from The X-Files, or Sideshow Bob and his brother Cecil. They are dubbed by the same actors who dub Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce in Frasier. (With Cecil this only occurs in his first appearance.) In the Spanish version of The Simpsons Movie, the Tom Hanks cameo was dubbing by his habitual voice in Spain. In European Spanish, the rest of the family characters are played by Margarita de Francia (Marge), Isacha Mengíbar (Lisa) and Sara Vivas (Bart).

The Simpsons appeared for the first time in Hungary, and it was dubbed into the Hungarian language on TV3 on September 14, 1998. The series was one of the most popular shows on TV3, but this channel closed down on February 21, 2000. As a result, Viasat 3 started to broadcast new episodes starting with season 6 from September 29, 2001. In January 2008, Viasat 3 was ceased to broadcast The Simpsons, and its sister channel, Viasat 6 (then TV6) started to air reruns. In September 2008, Viasat 6 also started to air new episodes. On August 30, 2013, Viasat 6 broadcast the season finale of season 24. On February 4, 2014, the Hungarian version of Fox launched, and from season 25, Fox broadcasts new episodes of The Simpsons in Hungary on Fridays. Currently the episodes are available in Hungarian after two weeks from its original broadcast in the US.

The audience for anime has been growing ever since. Since anime comes in different languages,, people always search for dubbed versions of these anime. Nowadays, English or any other language subtitles are available for all animes, but it is often hard to come across dubbed versions of these. So here we will list out 10 free websites that can provide you with dubbed anime.

Animeland is a website that provides dubbed versions of all-time favorite animes like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, etc. This site has about 1.10 million viewers per month. Animeland also offers the feature to download your favorite animes in 480p - 1080p, for watching later. is a high-quality online streaming website that offers free dubbed animes like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail Anime, etc. almost all the animes on this site are dubbed in English which makes them accessible to even very young anime lovers.

Animestream is blocked in many countries where animes are broadcasted on television, but it still can be accessed using different methods. This site is well known for telecasting the latest anime episodes, some of them even for free.

CartoonCrazy is a popular add-on that helps anime lovers to stream anime, cartoons, and other programs. This tool provides the link of the latest dubbed animes as well as old ones for the users to download. All streaming and downloading options are free of cost.

Anime planet is another popular website with a collection of about 45,000 episodes. It provides its users with a mix of dubbed series of adventure, horror, comedy, etc. genres for free. The users also have access to reviews and recommendations from different users across the globe.

Justdubs is an interactive platform where you can interact with anime lovers all over the world. This platform also provides links to download dubbed anime websites. The users on the platform provide reviews on different animes all over the world and can also suggest to you the best-dubbed anime versions to watch.

This website also offers dubbed and subbed versions of the animes for users who prefer English. The animes can be either be watched online or can be downloaded for watching later. All the animes are available in HD quality, and no registration is required to access the content.

Anime is one of the most-watched and downloaded visual content all over the world irrespective of age and cultural barriers. Most of the animes created are in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and other languages and hence there is a need for dubbed versions of these animes.

Episode 93 aired for the first time on April 18, 1994 in Japan. The episode has never been released on home video or streaming media, nor recently re-aired, or dubbed in other languages. The official episode list on the TV Asahi website also skips episode 93. The episode may have been pulled from circulation for content reasons, as well as being unable to be dubbed internationally or re-aired in its complete form due to its third segment acting as a preview for the then-upcoming second Crayon Shin-chan film. The episode did not resurface until September 29, 2019, when the first segment was made public online, after English-speaking fan Chimpoozle traded with a Japanese fan who recorded tapes of nearly every early episode and digitized episode 93 in June. The full episode is in the possession of English fansubbers and will be released once the fansubs reach the episode.

A Danish dub of Crayon Shin-chan titled Shin Chan was aired on DR1, based on the English adaptation by Vitello Productions, starting on January 28, 2004. Based on schedules on the DR website, the dub aired until some point in 2008. DR1 only aired single segments of the series in 10-minute time slots. Many episode titles have been sourced from the schedule, and while many can be matched to English titles, a handful of others are unclear. The dub was recorded at Adaptor D&D. More information can be found on Danske Film Stemmer. It is assumed based on the known episode titles that only the first 52 episodes were dubbed into Danish from the English version by Vitello Productions, and the dub did not continue to the second season's additional 52 episodes originally dubbed into English by Phuuz Entertainment.

No full episodes of the dub are available online, and the only surviving materials are the opening, the ending, and the first two minutes of episode 38c, "Where's My Sister, Mister?" The clip was uploaded to YouTube by user meinto on November 23, 2012. The opening and ending were uploaded to YouTube by user TheSonicolas in early December 2021 but went private on May 25, 2022, along with many others on the channel and eventually all Danish-dubbed uploads by the user, although this user says he has received full episodes from an unnamed contact and that he wouldn't upload them without permission from that source. However, he has since fallen out of contact with said source and cannot upload the episodes himself for fear of being fined or otherwise penalized by Danish copyright agencies if issues arise. All of the available materials are backed up on the Internet Archive. The clip of episode 38c has been cropped to remove padding.

The first 19 episodes, as well as the 23rd, 24th, 26th and 41st episodes were released on DVD by the company Bridge Entertainment. The company also released episode 22a and 30b on another DVD given as a freebie with purchases at Dutch supermarket Super de Boer in 2004.

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