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What is Five Nights at Sonic's? Everything You Need to Know Before You Download and Play

i've been putting off finishing the five nights at sonics 4 for a very long time now, and i've finally finally finished it. i've been working on this five nights at sonic's spinoff game for a while now; i was inspired when i played five nights at sonic's all star edition and i thought that i could well, i decided to finish it up. so i just finished it! as for the game itself, i've just finished implementing all of the bosses of the game. i've also added all the stages of the game and their enemies, and i've finished a few things here and there. i hope to have this game finished as soon as possible, and i'm looking forward to release it, and to seeing everyone's reactions to it! oh, and there's also a trailer attached to this post!

five nights at sonics download


five nights at sonic's 4 is quite a way back in the series, and contains five minigames to play. although the minigames are thrown in at the mid of the title, the storyline is beginning to pick up and it should be interesting to play through. also the colors are cool with them being green or blue!

the classic five night at sonic's, it was first released in 2001 and the story starts out with sonic going to his friend's house for a party but some of the people there are very rude. sonic doesn't like this and so he leaves before it's too late but he has forgotten to pick up something at the party. as he's walking, he meets up with the annoying "big sule and her foot," a mean girl who tries to play with sonic but he isn't there for that. he sees her mom and all of the people in the family are rude. big sule's mother is a mean woman who is always on people. this next section you see the pizza delivery girl with her friend, and then after that you see the person is driving home after the party (while a little drunk at that) and her friends is driving him. this is the beginning of the story. when the guy gets home, he starts to give this football to his son. and then this happens!

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