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Strike Fighters 2 Europe Vietnam Israel

Escorts are fighters that have been tasked to stay close to and defend friendly aircraft from hostile air attacks. Escorted aircraft are often strike fighters or bombers, and escorts usually fly in close formation with them. The goal of an escort mission is not to destroy enemies, but to protect the assigned aircraft. Convincing enemy fighters to break off an attack is a key ingredient of a successful escort mission.

Strike Fighters 2 Europe Vietnam Israel

Hello , well I have Strike Fighters 2 and all its expansions(vietnam, israel, europe, israel expansion 1, europe expansion 2, north atlantic) all have been installed properly and updated to march 2012.

Secondly some of my SF2 games (example vietnam and the first SF2) have some problems with the keys, they don't match properly (e.g if in options i've put f1 key to switch on radar, its not toggling radar off and on but its switching radar range which i normally mapped to be f2 key). This problem is not present in other games like SF2 israel expansion and europe expansion, i know i can access the campaign for vietnam through SF2 israel expansion and play it with the correct key mapping. (but when I try to access North Atlantic map for singleplayer or campaign it freezes obviously) 350c69d7ab

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