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Ford IDS VCM II Software License: What You Need to Know

If you are a Ford technician or a Ford vehicle owner who wants to perform diagnostic and repair functions on your vehicle, you may need a Ford IDS VCM II software license. In this article, we will explain what this license is, what it covers, and how to purchase and activate it.

What is Ford IDS VCM II?

Ford IDS VCM II is a combination of hardware and software that allows you to communicate with your Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury vehicle. IDS stands for Integrated Diagnostic Software, which is the factory Ford Motor Company vehicle diagnostic software that provides complete dealership level vehicle diagnostic coverage for all 1996 to present Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. VCM stands for Vehicle Communication Module, which is a device that connects to your vehicle's OBD-II port and transmits data to your PC. VCM II is the second generation of VCM devices that supports both wired and wireless connections.

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What does the Ford IDS VCM II software license cover?

The Ford IDS VCM II software license includes time based access to the IDS software, software updates and calibration files. The license also gives you access to two other Ford diagnostic software products: FJDS and FDRS. FJDS stands for Ford J2534 Diagnostic Software, which is a software that covers 1996 to present Ford, Lincoln and Mercury module reprogramming functions, plus complete dealership level diagnostic software for all 2018 to present Ford and Lincoln vehicles. FDRS stands for Ford Diagnostic & Repair System, which is a cloud-based software that provides complete dealership level vehicle diagnostic coverage for some 2018 and forward vehicles. FDRS provides superior capabilities, is more user-friendly and provides more diagnostic tools than IDS.

How to purchase and activate the Ford IDS VCM II software license?

To purchase the Ford IDS VCM II software license, you need to visit the [Ford Tech Service] website and select the product that suits your needs. You can choose from different subscription options ranging from 2 days to 5 years. Upon purchase of a software license, you will receive a 20-digit licensing activation code (key) that you need to enter into the software to allow use of the software. To activate the key, you need to use the "Activate a License" feature in the software. Activating a key binds the key to the PC on which it is entered in. You can transfer the licensing key to another PC using the "Return a License" feature. Since the software license binds to the PC and not the diagnostic hardware, a single software license will work on one PC at a time. Each PC running the software will require its own license or the transfer of a license, since each license binds to the PC.


The Ford IDS VCM II software license is a necessary tool for anyone who wants to diagnose and repair their Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury vehicles. The license provides access to three different software products that cover various vehicle models and functions. The license can be purchased online and activated on your PC using a 20-digit code. The license can also be transferred to another PC if needed. The license is valid for a specific period of time depending on your subscription option.

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