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Best Of Stand-up 2020 YIFY

I have thoroughly been enjoying the previous stand-up comedy specials from Pinoy comedian Jo Koy, so when I happened to stumble upon this 2020 special on Netflix, of course I immediately sat down to watch it.Well, first of all, this was something of a disappointment. Why? Well, because most of the show was by showcasing dancers, a DJ, other comedies and showing off Philipine culture and cuisine. I didn't sit down to watch that, so it was somewhat of a swing and a miss for me.Sure, Jo Koy was on the stage, but not for a very long time, which was disappointment, to say the least. And sure, it was nice to hear about Philippine culture, but then at least it should be done in a documentary, and not in something wrapped up as a comedy special."Jo Koy: In His Elements" scores a mere three out of ten stars from me. It wasn't an impressive special, not even by a longshot. And I doubt that I will be returning to watch it ever again, simply because it failed as a comedy special.But thumbs up to Joseph for managing to being Netflix to make this special in Manila. I am sure that is some accomplishment in itself.

Best of Stand-up 2020 YIFY

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