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Tokyo Revengers Episode 0 VERIFIED

Tokyo Revengers is an anime adaptation of the manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. Produced by Liden Films, it is written by Yasuyuki Mutō, Yoriko Tomita, and Seiko Takagi. Koichi Hatsumi, Keiko Ōta, Satoki Iida and Hiroaki Tsutsumi are in charge of direction, character designs, sound direction and music composition respectively.[1] The 24-episode season aired from April 11 to September 19, 2021. The series airs on MBS and is licensed Muse Communication in Southeast Asia and South Asia, streaming on the Muse Asia YouTube channel and Bilibili.[2] Crunchyroll is streaming the series outside of Asia, including a Russian version and Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and English dubs. The English dub premiered on May 29, 2021.[3] It is also available to stream on VRV for audiences outside of Asia.[4][5] A series of anime shorts featuring chibi versions of the characters, titled ChibiReve (ちびりべ, "Chibi Revengers"), were produced by Studio Puyukai, which began airing on April 12, 2021.[6]

Tokyo Revengers Episode 0

Three pieces of theme music are used for Tokyo Revengers series. Official Hige Dandism performed the opening theme song, "Cry Baby", which plays on all 24 episodes while eill performed the series' first ending theme song "Koko de Iki o Shite" (ここで息をして, "Take a Breath Here") which plays for the first 12 episodes.[7][8] The second ending, which plays on all remaining episodes, is "Tokyo Wonder" performed by Nakimushi.[9]

Perhaps there's some inherent symbolism, or poignancy, to the moment that the creators were trying to emphasize, but this imagery definitely stood out to me. The rest of the episode was great, but that one moment is just mystifying.

It's funny, I'd been thinking recently as well that Un-Go has turned out to be a much better show than I had expected/hoped and that it made it's transition from simple, one episode mysteries to dealing with larger themes about society so effortlessly. Glad that Sentai picked it up for the US after all, just hope they put it out soon (since I'm trying to hold off from watching episode 0) until I actually get my set.

While watching this I asked myself multiple times if it would be a better experience to watch Episode 0 or the series first. I concluded for myself that it was better to watch the movie after the series since I really enjoyed guessing what happened in the past of Shinjurou during last fall. I can even imagine the constant flashbacks in nearly each episode to be pretty annyoing if you actually know what happened, don't you think? 041b061a72

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