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Me Against The World: 2Pac's Most Personal And Powerful Album (Zip File Format)

a man who was used to getting exactly what he wanted, 2pac was ready to come back to life with the same intensity he'd previously displayed in the streets. yet as the streets had let him down, he was now realizing that life was more than a fight.

2Pac Me Against The World Full Album Zip


during me against the world, 2pac began to embrace the contradictions in his personality and thus accept his role as a rapper. on "i get around" 2pac raps, "its over now son, they put that gun to your head, but you can still spit wordz of strength". rather than reacting, he analyzes the situation, he fully accepts his fate and he expects the world to know it now.

a couple of weeks before he was incarcerated, death row threw an all-star party that included kool g rap, biggie, fat joe, cam and it had a bunch of 2pac songs on the mix. like soul power, a new song that had already leaked onto the internet, papa don't preach was being saved for the party and so 2pac decided to rerecord the track, spending most of the day in the studio that night. the finished version that the notorious b.i.g heard was much darker than the version 2pac had released earlier, but there's little doubt as to what he originally intended: 2pac coming to terms with the streets he grew up in and taking a stand against it.

2pac made many references to the weak-minded street thugs on his previous albums and here he's calling them out by name. so much for the part of 2pac the street sellout. for a man as obsessed with controversy as biggie, this was a radical move that barely a dozen people had heard.

around the time of its release, all eyez on me received a huge amount of media attention. the first single, the title track, was the song that opened up the album. until then, 2pac hadn't been as introspective as on me against the world. he may have been rapping about street life in '96, but he was still the '50s gangsta rapper. with all eyez on me, 2pac went back to the '60s-vibe that first made him famous and ushered in a new era in 2pacs music.

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